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Month: October, 2012

Images of Lies or Truths

Images of Lies or Truths

Don’t believe in Polls until the battle is over. That’s why we’re not polling first time voters and strong women of America. We discuss only by text, because Polling is just a cheap marketing strategy to get people riled up or excited about nothing anyone can benefit by, which works on older people. Today, you have to research to find results, and don’t take the media for what it’s worth. It’s propaganda only. This is from a first time voter who’s a strong woman of America! I’d say someone raised her right!!!!!!


Young People text about the serious of voting

Today,it’s been crazy text and communicating with first time voters who’s hyped about voting until we got one text comment about the author(s) who have written several books on President Obama and the man who culture sings when they talk “The 1600 Movie” with the extra affair with another woman, I’m glad they said it’s a women, anyway, how many books did President Obama endorsed? And, how many people actual believed what they’ve they read or seen? OUCH I’m telling you the media is focusing on the wrong. Young people around the world is concerned about the economy, but no ones listening……….

First Time Voters/Strong Women of America

First time voters/Strong Women of America if you didn’t receive a text on how to vote for Nov election, when in doubt if you’re on campus, take your homework with you, go home and vote, its not midterms or finals, its your future at stake, and to be honest it’s the United States school system at stake. We’re supposed to be a Super Country and we’re placed at 15th in Math and Science in the world for being smart. Once upon a time…………….