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Month: July, 2014

We Get Bad Analysis when Statists Write Economic History

Experts-Seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves, who will be right, and who will be wrong?

International Liberty

When major changes occur, especially if they’re bad, people generally will try to understand what happened so they can avoid similar bad events in the future.

This is why, when we’re looking at major economic events, it’s critical to realize that narratives matter.

For instance, generation after generation of American students were taught that the Great Depression was the fault of capitalism run amok. But we now have lots of evidence that bad government policy caused the Great Depression and that the downturn was made more severe and longer lasting thanks to further policy mistakes by Hoover and Roosevelt.

The history textbooks are probably still wrong, but at least there’s a chance that interested students (and non-students) will come across more accurate explanations of what happened in the 1930s.

More recently, the same thing happened after the financial crisis. The statists immediately tried to convince people that the 2008…

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Republicans keeps saying the economy is not moving forward, or President Obama hasn’t done a damn thing since he’s been elected from the first term. Wells, here’s some info you might want to consider in digesting for those who thinks he’s wasting Taxpayers dollars like the other party; (GOP) Republicans


By any measure, the U.S. economy was unusually weak in the first quarter of the year (January through March), though most in the economic, financial, and political sectors were untroubled by the data. Indeed, for most, the winter drop was something of a fluke, caused by unusually harsh weather and an unexpected drop in health spending.

Still, the first-quarter report made the second-quarter data all the more important. Would the economy bounce back? This morning, we received an answer – and for those rooting for economic success, the results were even better than expected.
The U.S. economy grew by a 4% annual pace in the second quarter, bouncing back from a revised 2.1% decline in the first three months of the year, according to a preliminary government estimate. Economists polled by Market Watch predicted GDP would grow by a seasonally adjusted 3.2%. Consumer spending, the main source of economic activity, accelerated to show a solid 2.5% gain after a meager 1.2% rise in the first quarter. […]
Also adding to U.S. growth was a pickup in construction spending, increased business investment, a bigger buildup in inventories and slightly higher government spending, the Commerce Department said Wednesday.
Also note, the most recent data showed the first quarter GDP at -2.9%. Today’s report revises that total in a less-awful direction, to -2.1%.
Nevertheless, today’s report showing 4% growth is terrific and reinforces the perception of an economy picking up speed. Though this is a preliminary figure that will be revised in the coming months, if it holds up, this will be only the third time in the last seven years that GDP growth has reached 4% or greater.
What’s more, the swing from -2.1% to +4% is easily the largest positive quarter-to-quarter swing since the start of the Great Recession is late 2007.
As for the image above, the chart shows GDP numbers by quarter since the Great Recession began. The red columns show the economy under the Bush administration; the blue columns show the economy under the Obama administration.

Right Wing Facebook page “Barack Obama Must Die” being promoted on social media


An anti-Obama Facebook page was recently taken down, but has since returned with more vile images and content.

The right-wing Facebook page titled “Barack Obama Must Die” was reported enough by disgusted viewers on the social networking page that it was removed last week. Despite the removal, the page is back and up and running. The main picture on the page is President Obama photo-shopped as the evil character The Joker from the Batman films. The cover image, which appears in a larger form above the page, shows a smiling Obama holding an American flag while straddling an airplane. Above the president is a slogan reading: “Live from Gitmo Nation, No Agenda.”

A growing number of protesters have left messages on the page, making note that they have reported it to Facebook, the FBI and even the Secret Service. As of press time, the “Barack Obama Must Die” Facebook page is still active and it’s unknown if it will get removed a second time.

This isn’t the first time Examiner.com has reported on a hateful and dangerous Facebook page about President Obama. This past January, the right-wing Facebook page titled “Americans the next generation” showed a picture of President Obama photo-shopped in a noose, calling for his hanging to be a national holiday. Shortly after the story broke, Facebook took down the page.

Isn’t America Land of the Free?

How Fascism Permeates America

The truth about America surfaced when President Obama was elected into office, and you wonder why France hates America!

Plato Shrugs


As much as we would like to believe that Fascism was defeated in the 40’s, it is still alive. It goes beyond Greece’s Golden Dawn, it goes past Russian Neo-Nazi’s, and it goes even further than France’s National Front. Fascist principals have pervaded every nation it has ever come in contact with. It has changed the way we view government, citizenship, and the definition of ‘Nation’.

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This chart is scary to read, but it hits pay dirt. 

We’re in a class of our own: when it comes to gun violence against women, the most dangerous place for a woman in the developed world is the US.

Tell your senators to support legislation that will keep guns out of the hands of stalkers and domestic abusers and save women’s lives:

By the time people read and share this BLOG to the world, the NRA won’t even BLINK. The NRA is big money for many politicians.

Three comments says it all:

Cinda Williams Hernandez Omg fogging the information to justify the numbers…..it is a fact.. Look at it and use that pea brain to maybe come to a conclusion of what it means…we are putting guns in the wrong hands!!! I am all for the second amendment… But for those who have domestic violence, felons, mental illness …

Anne Keller People often ask why an abused woman stays in the abusive relationship. The fact is that the most dangerous time for a woman and her children is when she tries to leave the relationship. The abuser will use that gun (that the NRA fights so hard to allow him to have) to kill the woman and her children. But the NRA says, “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.”. The NRA does not address the fact that without the gun, a woman and her children might have lived

Peggy Cronin When will the American people WAKE UP ?? Women need to stand together and demand that congress ACT on gun safety.

America is fighting for more Gun safety but its falling on death ears. It’s time to get rid of politicians that are strong hold by people with deep pockets and fired them. We, America voted them into office, now lets vote them out of office and put someone who cares about America.

Great Moments in Government

Great Moment in America

Do you find this funny?

In a very troubling display of thuggery, the Justice Department dispatched a bureaucrat to “investigate” a satirical parade float.

Here’s some of what was reportedby the Washington Times.

The U.S. Department of Justice has sent a member of its Community Relations Service team to investigate a Nebraska parade float that criticized President Obama. A Fourth of July parade float featured at the annual Independence Day parade in Norfolk sparked criticism when it depicted a zombie-like figure resembling Mr. Obama standing outside an outhouse, which was labeled the “Obama Presidential Library.” The Nebraska Democratic Party called the float one of the “worst shows of racism and disrespect for the office of the presidency that Nebraska has ever seen.” The Omaha World-Herald reported Friday that the Department of Justice sent a CRS member who handles discrimination disputes to a Thursday meeting about the issue. …The float’s creator, Dale Remmich, has said the mannequin depicted himself, not President Obama. He said he is upset with the president’s handling of the Veterans Affairs Department, the World-Herald reported. “Looking at the float, that message absolutely did not come through,” said NAACP chapter president Betty C. Andrews.

I’m 12 hrs ahead living in another, country, a Black American and I just read this from another WordPress site and I know majority of Americans don’t hate Black Americans,only a few that will never let go of the past, but to actually stoop this LOW? Well, America, I don’t have to think, or wonder, the biggest question: How many will be elected, November 4, 2014, in The House of Representative from other states that feels this way about Black Americans?

Daniel J. Mitchell,PhD, is a well-known Author, Economist world-wide with impeccable credentials, a proponent of the flat tax and tax competition, financial privacy, and fiscal sovereignty.  Mitchell co-founded the Center for Freedom and Prosperity, an organization formed to protect international tax competition.


Thank you Daniel J Mitchell PhD



So Republicans agree that they can’t live on the minimum wage, but they don’t want to raise it? Excuse me while I bang my head against the wall a few times.Timeline Photos

Remember, the November 4, 2014, The House of Representative election, less than 4 months, experts says, Republicans will win because;

Meet Leo, Our Senate Model

LEO was the first computer for ordinary businesses. We’ve named our Senate forecasting model after it. Our model, created by Amanda Cox and Josh Katz, combines polls with other information to predict how many Senate races Democrats and Republicans will win this year. 

HERE’S WHY Polls of registered voters tend to be more favorable to Democrats than polls of likely voters, especially in midterm elections. But different pollsters make different decisions about how to define likely voters and how to reach them. These decisions tilt their polls toward Democrats or Republicans in systematic, and predictable, ways. Systematic differences among pollsters are sometimes called “house effects.”

WHAT IT MEANS IN PRACTICE Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning firm, and Harper Polling, a Republican-leaning firm, are among the most frequent pollsters. If they were to conduct polls of the same race on the same days in 2014, we would expect PPP’s result to be about 4 points more favorable to the Democrat. To make apples-to-apples comparisons between polls, we adjust the margins accordingly, using information from all of the polls we’ve observed so far this cycle.

Do you believe this? If so, why in the Hell are we voting? Didn’t the experts say the Iraq War would be over less than a year?