by ejwceo55

So Republicans agree that they can’t live on the minimum wage, but they don’t want to raise it? Excuse me while I bang my head against the wall a few times.Timeline Photos

Remember, the November 4, 2014, The House of Representative election, less than 4 months, experts says, Republicans will win because;

Meet Leo, Our Senate Model

LEO was the first computer for ordinary businesses. We’ve named our Senate forecasting model after it. Our model, created by Amanda Cox and Josh Katz, combines polls with other information to predict how many Senate races Democrats and Republicans will win this year. 

HERE’S WHY Polls of registered voters tend to be more favorable to Democrats than polls of likely voters, especially in midterm elections. But different pollsters make different decisions about how to define likely voters and how to reach them. These decisions tilt their polls toward Democrats or Republicans in systematic, and predictable, ways. Systematic differences among pollsters are sometimes called “house effects.”

WHAT IT MEANS IN PRACTICE Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning firm, and Harper Polling, a Republican-leaning firm, are among the most frequent pollsters. If they were to conduct polls of the same race on the same days in 2014, we would expect PPP’s result to be about 4 points more favorable to the Democrat. To make apples-to-apples comparisons between polls, we adjust the margins accordingly, using information from all of the polls we’ve observed so far this cycle.

Do you believe this? If so, why in the Hell are we voting? Didn’t the experts say the Iraq War would be over less than a year?