Right Wing Facebook page “Barack Obama Must Die” being promoted on social media

by ejwceo55


An anti-Obama Facebook page was recently taken down, but has since returned with more vile images and content.

The right-wing Facebook page titled “Barack Obama Must Die” was reported enough by disgusted viewers on the social networking page that it was removed last week. Despite the removal, the page is back and up and running. The main picture on the page is President Obama photo-shopped as the evil character The Joker from the Batman films. The cover image, which appears in a larger form above the page, shows a smiling Obama holding an American flag while straddling an airplane. Above the president is a slogan reading: “Live from Gitmo Nation, No Agenda.”

A growing number of protesters have left messages on the page, making note that they have reported it to Facebook, the FBI and even the Secret Service. As of press time, the “Barack Obama Must Die” Facebook page is still active and it’s unknown if it will get removed a second time.

This isn’t the first time Examiner.com has reported on a hateful and dangerous Facebook page about President Obama. This past January, the right-wing Facebook page titled “Americans the next generation” showed a picture of President Obama photo-shopped in a noose, calling for his hanging to be a national holiday. Shortly after the story broke, Facebook took down the page.

Isn’t America Land of the Free?