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Month: November, 2014

Muslims Co-opting Ferguson Protests To Advance Goals of Islamists and Terror Groups….

Muslims Co-opting Ferguson Protests To Advance Goals of Islamists and Terror Groups…..

What better way to go after recruits when you keep treating humans less than humans, these type of people are opportunists and some people are just feeding into their hands. Animals fights back when pushed into a corner, and we all know that.


New Member of the Moocher Hall of Fame Demonstrates the High Cost of Eroding Social Capital

I don’t get a chance to scroll and read all comments & posts but someone said I should read this. Obese, Free Willey, its disturbing

International Liberty

I wrote the other day about the importance of “social capital,” which is a catch-all phrase for a society’s attitudes about things such as the work ethic, a sense of self-reliance, and the spirit of independence.

Today we’re going to look at the flip side of social capital. I’m not sure whether this is an example of “anti-social capital” or “social anti-capital,” but our newest entrant in the Moocher Hall of Fame is symbolic of what’s wrong with the mental attitude of too many people in today’s welfare states.

Here are some details from a story about Christina in the U.K.-based Daily Mail. As you read the story, keep in mind that a “stone” is 14 pounds and £20,000 equals more than $31,000.

An obese mother-of-two who lives on benefits says she needs more of taxpayers’ money to overhaul her unhealthy lifestyle. Christina Briggs, 26, from Wigan…

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Broken American/Black President/Hate

How, who, and when America became broken?

The country is already broken and fallen into the abyss of NO RETURN. You can’t fix what took 200 years to final show Americas true color. Greed & Hate and a country so divided, it was just a matter of time before the bottom to fall out. While other countries are moving forward, Americas is moving backward. America will see the worst two years of nothing being done when they see Republicans only effort isto rid Affordable Healthcare Act, Immigration, & helping Koch brothers to exceed with their agenda which will cost taxpyers millions of dollars
Bottom Line: “HATE” is a four letter word with a complex meaning that controls Americas destiny.  America created “HATE” and America “HATE” what they’ve created, and it took a Black man in the White House to show the world, nothing has changed. It’s just sugar coated.

The Power of the Veto Pen

Well, the elephants are in control of Congress, and their agenda, is to attack President Obama’s Healthcare, Immigration, and help Koch brothers. What the Hell has American voters done will play out like a looney Tune cartoon
The Road Runner where the coyote never gets him. President Obama only used his veto power twice (2) compared to the previous president which used his veto power twelve (12) times
How much will President Obama use his veto power in the next 2 years depends on the Elephant in the House. Glad I’m not a Republican
What does President Obama has to lose in the next two years?
He has the lowest, going by what the media has said,40% competency running America, lousy/worst president that was ever in the White House in over 50 years, big liar, and the media says the economy isn’t growing. And, the new leader of the house is saying waving a RED FLAG and the new congress is a Bull waiting to attack. The circus Le Cirque on Capital Hill/Congress is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Ouch!!! Is going to happen.
What America needs to do is take the best of both parties which is like finding a needle in a hay stack, and create a new party calle it the America Party and try to unite America. Oh, that’s right, United States of America is the name of a country that’s falling apart by the threads. Good luck in working together Democrats & Republicans/Tea Party
I honestly don’t see Congress working together! DO YOU?