Broken American/Black President/Hate

by ejwceo55

How, who, and when America became broken?

The country is already broken and fallen into the abyss of NO RETURN. You can’t fix what took 200 years to final show Americas true color. Greed & Hate and a country so divided, it was just a matter of time before the bottom to fall out. While other countries are moving forward, Americas is moving backward. America will see the worst two years of nothing being done when they see Republicans only effort isto rid Affordable Healthcare Act, Immigration, & helping Koch brothers to exceed with their agenda which will cost taxpyers millions of dollars
Bottom Line: “HATE” is a four letter word with a complex meaning that controls Americas destiny.  America created “HATE” and America “HATE” what they’ve created, and it took a Black man in the White House to show the world, nothing has changed. It’s just sugar coated.