Should Drug and Alcohol Tests Be Required In Officer-Involved Shootings?

by ejwceo55

Not only should they be tested, but they should change how law enforcers are hired, because it appears they forget who they work for and show no compassion for the people who pay their salaries.


Source: Activist Post, by Amanda Warren

What do you think about the idea of drug testing police who use their service weapons in officer-involved shootings and other fatalities?

After all, how many times are citizens held to rigorous, if not completely invasive measures to test for substances, especially while targeted during the so-called War on Drugs. Someone need not show any signs of illicit drug use in order to have all rights waived out the window. They may go to prison for defending their home from what they think is a middle-of-the-night invasion – while no drugs were ever present.

Seeing as police killed more Americans in 2014 than all U.S. mass shootings combined, getting to the bottom of the problem and increasing accountability are more important than ever. Drug testing police involved in shootings is an argument up for debate in the state of North…

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