About E J Webb/CEO/Founder-E J Webb Mass Media Global

About E J Webb/ CEO/Founder of E J Webb Mass Media Global

I’ve mentored,supported,volunteered, and worked with several organizations and community services since 1993 Nation Wide for a better community in all aspects of LIFE.

Look Good Feel Better I trained, and volunteered as top hair designer by Ivan Bjourke, Founder of Look Good Feel Better Organization, for American Cancer Society,Washington DC, which serviced the Washington DC, Metro Area, and the mission is/was to improve the self-esteem and quality of life of people undergoing treatment for cancer.

Look Good Feel Better aim is to improve their self-image and appearance through complimentary group, individually, and self-help beauty sessions that create a sense of support, confidence, courage, and community. In 1993,I took it a step further when I became a home health provider, 24/7 when HIV was at its peak,educating and mentoring young LGBT and young adults, including volunteering in Hospice with patients with Aids.

Moved to Northern California in 2000, career change, aged 45, graduated with BS Degree IT/Public Relations, G.P.A 3.53 @ Berkeley. While attending, I,  President of Student Ambassador, 2001-2004 and committed in community services in the Metro Area of San Francisco to Walnut Creek CA visiting patients in hospitals and helped them understand the process of chem, radiation therapy, HIV drugs,side effects, and how to live a productive life with HIV.

Currently, I educate, and offer home health care to patients who are HIV positive, take care of HIV patients, which I provided outreach to underrepresented and low-income families, or young homeless LGBT teens, educate them about HIV/AIDS prevention, self-awareness, and build self-esteem to have a productive LIFE regardless, wherever, you are in the world, motivate,and help LGBT teens who choice careers are; government,politics,law, and economics for a better Life in the LGBT Community’s World-Wide